Webstyle: Landybridal 2016 Bridal Gowns

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

This is prolly the 5th wedding topic I wrote for this month, not that I wanted to get married soon, I am simply impressed how beautiful wedding dresses are. Daily I discover new trends on the web and I just can't help but share it with you! And it just happened that I came across Landybridal once again and saw that they have new collections and styles that are worth sharing. If you have been following this blog, I don't know if you remembered  but I have already published some of their works here. But today, I will be sharing more of their collection and also one of the latest! Let me give you a heads-up on their wedding dresses 2016 ! We picked three beautiful pieces that instantly caught our attention, which you will see below.

I may have mention this countless times, but laces are always, always the number 1 choice for every soon to be brides. There is something about lace wedding dresses that exhibits a woman's sophisticated and delicate side. Our first choice is a mermaid tail bridal gown in full blown lace design. 
Here's another favorite of mine in full-blown lace details with a little touch of intricate pearls and beads. Love how the lace extends to the sleeves. It looks so elegant and regal. Add to that the low-cut back design oozing with sexiness. 
How about this bridal gown in subtle lace detail? It wasn't fully designed with laces and beads like the previous two but this too has something to say. This too defines an absolute sophistication and elegance. It's simple, a little less dramatic but a definite standout.
Isn't Landybridal designs are simply the best? I'm in love with every piece and I know you are too. Take a peek at their site and see more of this. What are you waiting for? Visit them now!  Enjoy!


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