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Sunday, October 18, 2015

It's sad how I missed a lot of blog posts lately since I was too busy at work. I am working on Architectural firm and if you are an Architect, or if you have the same job as mine, you'll understand how busy and time consuming it is to work on a firm on a daily basis. Basically I only had time for blogging at night time but still I cant keep up coz I am already exhausted every time I reach home after work. Anyway, enough about my lil' drama, I finally made up my mind and prepared a quick post about my favorite finds on the internet lately. Since the holidays are coming up, I decided to start listing my wishlist hehe. Saw a lot of amazing items from Fashionmia and here are my top picks:

CLICK the links below to REVEAL PRICES of each item. (^-^)
  Item A                    Item B                    Item C
 Item D                    Item E                    Item F
Item G                    Item H                    Item I


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