Travelogue: Anawangin Cove

Friday, October 02, 2015

photos by Pao Salandanan
Hello everyone! Pao here! It's been a while since our last travelogue so here's a lengthy treat for you. With our busy work schedule, it's difficult to find time for vacations. So last long weekend we took the chance to enjoy our time together with our family and decided to go to Anawangin Cove in Zambales. We planned this trip since July but the weather in Zambales doesn't seem to cooperate so our schedule was moved unexpectedly. But of course, we have to make it happen so we finally made up our mind, packed our bags, and hopped in to our bus on the 21st of August --- rain or shine! Despite hearing the news that there is a storm coming, we still push through. That's how determined we are! But what is an experience without an adventure right? The clouds were dark and the heavens drizzle from time to time which you will notice on our photos below. Anyway, let me invite you to an adventure filled post today as we look back to our very tiring yet very fulfilling short vacation at the beautiful, Anawangin Cove.
Zambales is a 4 hour bus ride from manila or 2 hour drive depending on traffic conditions. Anawangin Cove is a hidden beach in Zambales, a perfect get away from work and stress and has the perfect waves for surfing. To go there, your can either ride a boat for 45 mins if the weather is good or trek up to Mt. Pundaquit for 4 hours if the weather is not that great. If you're planning to book a trip don't expect a nice hotel room or a private toilet or even electricity because there are no luxurious hotels and amenities there. It's an untouched cove surrounded by luscious mountains and deep blue sea. It's a place for adventure and camping. You will need a tent, camping food and drinking water, and if your planning to trek make sure to wear proper gear because it will be challenging.
When we went there it was raining, so we already knew that we will hike because taking a boat ride is impossible at that time because of the dangerous waves. Good thing I prepared myself for this trip and wore my shoes instead of flip-flops. The guide we contacted, also prepared the things we will be needing for the trek and camp, including the tent and drinking water. We also hired a porter to bring of our stuff so we could walk freely.

At the start of our adventure, these are the beautiful scenery that greeted us. The gloomy sky, the mountains, trees, and everything that we saw was a total work of mystery. What more if the sun is beaming right? Everything was so grand. Such beauty that only God can create. It is a masterpiece! 
The climb was pretty difficult because the trail was steep, slippery and rocky. We also have to cross atleast 3 rivers which actually was a lot of fun! It was challenging but ultimately rewarding. 
Upon reaching the peak we we're able to see the cove from afar. It looked so peaceful and breezy at the summit-- a very rewarding feeling! We took a short pause to take in the view and indulge at the beauty of this beautiful place. The calm and serenity made me appreciate more the beauty of nature. It literally took my stress away. What a treat!
After we finally soaked in the view, we started to descend and all pumped up to reach the cove. The descend was a lot easier compared to our hike up. We just have to watch out for the slippery slopes and few more roaring rivers to cross. But knowing that the reward is just a few more steps away we couldn't care less about it. Steps went quicker, and giggles becomes laughter as we heard the smashing of the waves against the shore. 
After another river crossing, we finally reached the forest full of towering Agoho Trees (family of pine trees) and other variety of trees you wont usually see beside the beach. It's not a typical beach with coconut trees which makes it really special. It just hyped up our expectation of the beach. This forest are the usual area designated for camp fires and camping.
The shore was so beautiful with the waves smashing and the trees swaying to the breeze. It was such a view to adore. Too bad there's no sun to set the proper mood for our trip, since the months of June to September are not really recommended period to go to Anawangin because it falls on a rainy season. If you are planning to visit, I suggest, book your trip on the months of March to May so you could enjoy the beach all to yourselves under the sunshine. 
The next day the waves went really euphoric and the winds went stronger. Our tour guide brought us the news from the radio that there is another storm approaching and it is about to landfall by the evening, so we we're advised to pack up early because we need to leave before the storm or else, we will be stranded at the cove. So we decided to make use of our remaining time to take photos and swim at the shore. Though we were told not to swim too far from the shore because it's going to be really dangerous. Good thing there's a river connecting to the beach and our camp was settled in between these body of water which is really fascinating.The water as you can see in the photo above is brown, well it's not, The water were so clear that the cream sand underneath can be seen through the surface. See for yourself if you doubt what I am blabbing about haha. So we we're able to do some dipping for a an hour before we packed and got ready to go home, Again by trekking. And soo.. another journey begins....
On our trek back home, we passed through the same trail but this time, we took our chance not to miss dipping in to the rivers that we crossed the previous day. One of my memorable moment of this trip is that we we're able to swim in this gorgeous, natural Jacuzzi with running water clean enough to drink and a view that will take your breath away. 
This trip was rather short but it was one for the books. It was full of surprises and it totally exceed my expectation. It was supposedly a 3-day vacation but due to some weather circumstances, it was cut short. I am not sad about it, but rather excited coz, it'll be another reason to come back and to look forward to. We still have a lot more to explore at this beautiful place and we are hoping to visit it again soon. So let me leave you here with more photos from our short vacation, Thank you for joining us and Enjoy!
Contact Melvin Agasa if your planning to go to anawangin, contact nunmbers  09207577071,  or 09065156823. 

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