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Thursday, October 29, 2015

"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world."- Marilyn Monroe. Truly, the perfect pair of shoes will take you places which is why I am here to help you out. Featuring on today's webstyle story, are these gorgeous Shoespie heels! Heels are easy to find especially online but it will always be Shoespie who has the most unique designs. They almost have every style, from simple to fun, quirky to sexy! If you are on the hunt for beautiful pairs of unique heels, this is the place to be. See below some of their wonderful collection.
Ive seen this high heel stiletto shoes here from one of my favorite fashion influencer and since then, Ive been dying to find out where to score them. And I am so excited to learn that Shoespie has it! It's ombre design and bright color totally caught my attention. It absolutely standout! 
Some heels are quite difficult to wear around because we prolly trip from time to time because of it's height but sometimes, it is also because of our shoe choice. Our second pick is a black peep toe wedge with ankle strap (find it here) which I think is a lot easier to walk around compared to stilettos. The ankle strap secures it from accidental removal of shoes from your feet. And not only that, it looked classy and prim as well. 
What's best about peep toes heels is that, your feet could easily breathe while wearing it. It is less stressful compared to closed-cap ones. Like this platform heels (here) with aztec pattern with straps and peep toe feature. It looked so beautiful and sexy which also comes in various colors.
Have a look at more beautiful designs at Shoespie official website on the link below. They have a lot more of gorgeous styles you could splurge on. Enjoy! 
Shoespie website: http://www.shoespie.com/ 


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