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Sunday, November 01, 2015

Cold season is coming! Have you gotten your trench coats ready? This season is all about pretty coats, fur and capes! Admit it, it's that kind of fashion that we can't miss every year. Well  except for tropical countries like mine. But still I get giddy every time this time of the year comes and tend to look for beautiful coats to wear. And I have this one particular site which I especially bookmarked because they have the most beautiful collection of women trench coats! This site called Tidebuy is a haven for all your fashion fantasies. Allow me to share to you some of my favorite picks which I think you might love too! The first photo above is my number 1 favorite because it looked so stylish and could be paired to any color of inner and lower wear. Capes for the win!
Second fave is this thick woolen coat which comes in different colors! I love how it has a little touch of fur on it's collar. I think its what makes it standout. Best thing about this, is the collar is detachable! So if you are not a furry-kind of person, or you simply wanted to have an instant change of look, this piece is perfect for you! It's chic, it's versatile, and it's undeniably high fashion.
I don't know why but there's something about plaids that never gets old. I mean plaids has been in the fashion limelight for decades but it is still considered "in" in today's trend. One reason maybe is because we often see it on royal figures like Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth as such. Plaids often reminds me something that is related to royalties. It always looked special and sophisticated. If you are into this kind of stylish feel, well this last two picks is for you! (^-^) 
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