Be A Wise Online Shopper

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Online shopping these days are very popular. As the online community continue to blow up, online retailers and shoppers also grow in number especially in Philippines online shopping. The fact that you can now shop at home instead of going to shopping malls, is actually very convenient and hassle-free. I personally am a habitual online hoarder because online, the selections are endless and you could run through every product available with no sweat at all. But, but, but... these convenience could also mean disaster because we cannot make sure the quality of products we are buying by just looking at the photos displayed on the web. We of course have to be watchful and wise! I am no expert, but I'd like to share few tips on how to be a wise online shopper based on my personal experience.
Choose a trusted online shop. This quiet difficult to know but as I have said, we have to be wise. Look for their background and read about it. Most online shops has an "about us" section, there you will have an overview of how they started and what quality of services they offer. Do some quick research and read clients feedback on their facebook pages or other online platforms. Lazada for one is an excellent example for trusted online store.
Read reviews. Nowadays, there are countless bloggers who do product reviews and some write really honest reviews. Learn from their experience and be the best investigator as possible. Do not dwell on one review only,instead search for other blog sites and compare. This is very helpful.
Take advantage of sales. Sometimes we have this impulse of buying things that are trendy and new which would also mean an assault for our poor pockets! Be a patient shopper and know when is the right time to splurge. Sales is the best time to do it. Avoid shopping piece by piece because we pay shipping fees every time we transact so, it is much better if you buy in a bulk to take advantage of the value of the fees that we pay. Some shops even offer free shipping if you spend a certain amount.
Score reliable discount vouchers. A lot of this kind of services are rampantly offered anywhere on the web but we need to be watchful because some uses it as a shopping bait. Best place to score a discount voucher is at . It is reliable and offers larger discounts. You can score big discounts from your favorite online shops here like Zalora, Luxola, and of course, shop until you drop from the trendiest clothes to the latest bags & watches from Lazada!
There you have it! My few insights on how to be a wise online shopper. Happy shopping!

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