Tuesday, January 19, 2016


MAGICAL COMEBACK. Gone for too long but never lost. Some of you might have thought I already quit blogging but nah...I just needed a big break to cope with my own duties and responsibilities, especially now that I am working full time at an Architectural firm. Balancing my blogging time with my day job is quite a tough thing to do because it requires a lot of adjustments especially in time management. As of the moment, I am still on the adjustment stage but hey! leave no excuses. Its already NEW YEAR so I guess I am having a great start by doing this. I have few plans in mind for the year ahead and we have prepared a lot of surprises for you. For one, since I consider this as a major comeback, we thought of starting with a blast.  After months of brainstorming with Pao, we finally came up with new and fresh ideas ---the ones you've never seen here before or I've ever done before. As a comeback, we wanted to step up and do better.We wanted to be bolder and extend our minds into a wilder and wider imaginations. Our goal is to create unique stories through our lenses and deliver it in a unique kind of storytelling. We have no idea for how long we could produce authentic and unique materials but we know we can do it as long as the magic lives on within us. To commence, here are some of our creative photos we were able to produce from our first shoot of the year. We are just beginning so please don't judge my post-processing skills. On the otherhand, Pao took really good shots and I was so happy with the result. Thanks also to Fashion Mia for sponsoring my outfit. That's all for today folks! Let the magic unfold.......
Photographer: Pao Salandanan
Outfit Sponsor: Fashion Mia
Post Processing by: Shiny Bliss Ortilano

taal lake-2
furble reflection-2
oh deer-2

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