Top Must-see Spots in Isla Gigantes Sur

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Located at the northern part of Iloilo, Isla Gigantes is one of the least traveled destinations in Panay due to its isolated location and mystical stories. Today however, many have already discovered or probably heard about it because a lot of people has already braved and saw the beauty of this mystic island at the coast of Carles and Estancia in Iloilo. From white sand beaches to extraordinary sand bars, from secret lagoons to mystical caves, Isla Gigantes is a true place for adventure seekers. It is comprised of two big islands --- Isla Gigantes Sur and Isla Gigantes Norte, both with excellent and unique experiences to offer. For now however, allow us to virtually tour you around to the top must-see spots in Isla Gigantes Sur.
Imagine a natural pool surrounded by towering rock formations at the middle of nowhere.

salt lagoon (4)
salt lagoon (14)
salt lagoon (16)
salt lagoon (11)
salt lagoon (3)

A popular spot where you could have a grand Maldives-ish view of the island.

cabugao island (01)
cabugao island (010)
cabugao island (023)
cabugao island (02)
salt lagoon (3)

Imagine a smaller version of an un-touched Boracay. It is also a perfect spot for snorkeling wherein you'll be able to see fishes even at the shallow waters!

5 (4)
5 (13)
5 (16)
5 (24)
salt lagoon (3)

Where the ocean's rendezvous is. Two opposite currents forming a highway of creamy white sand at the middle of the sea.

1 (3)
1 (2)
1 (19)
5 (24)
1 (21)

Enjoy spelunking and learn a bit about the history of the Island. This is where it is said that skulls and skeletons of giants where found.

1 (12)
1 (23)
1 (9)

Experience a unique sunset at the top of the Lighthouse overlooking the sparkling waters of Isla Gigantes.

lighthouse (18)


Which one would you love to see first? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below.
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