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Friday, March 25, 2016

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Burot Beach is one of the top most unspoiled beaches in Luzon along with Calaguas, Palaui and several others according to Rappler. It is located in the remote area of Calatagan, Batangas and is privately owned but is still open to the public for a fee. Burot Beach is still undeveloped right now but I heard it was already bought by SM group of companies so I suggest, take time to visit while you can and before it gets pricey. The area got no electricity, no hotels, no resort, nor fancy facilities. It is a pure haven for those who loves outdoor camping. Happy campers and weekenders could enjoy a long stretch of semi-fine cream shore all to themselves because it wasn't as packed as other known beaches in Calatagan.

To see our full adventure and photos, head over to our Burot Beach Travelogue

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Via private vehicle:

We drove from Sta. Rosa Laguna to Calatagan via Tagaytay Rd, - Nasugbu Hwy and Calatagan - Lian Hwy to Calatagan public market. From there, you may ask the locals which way Burot beach is. It took us about 2 hours to get there but, if you are coming from Manila, it would took about 3-4 hrs depending on the traffic. We actually have no idea how to get there, good thing our car has GPS so we just follow along. It is best to bring your own GPS tool too to avoid getting lost and also to save travel time. If you plan to have a trip similar to ours, make sure to bring a car that has GPS or rent one if you wish or use your google maps on your mobile phone. It helped us a lot even on our previous travels. (^-^)

Tip: if you have a big group it will be much more convenient to hire a private vehicle, it will be cheaper plus you can use your car to sleep in since there are no available accommodation there.

Via public transportation:

If you are coming from Manila, here's how to get to Calatagan Public Market then to Burot Beach:

Via Bus:

  • Take a Celyrosa bus bound for Calatagan at Coastal Mall Terminal. 
  • Once you reach Calatagan public market, take a tricycle to Burot Beach. Travel time is about 15-20 --minutes and brace yourself for a bumpy ride for the cost of 150PHP or 60PHP each if you are not in a group.

Via Van:

  • Take a van bound for Calatagan at their terminal near Edsa-Taft MRT station or near Kabayan Hotel. Just ask a way. 
  • Drop off at the Calatagan Public Market. travel time is approximately 3-4 hrs for 180PHP/head 
  • Once in Calatagan Market, hire a tricycle going to Burot Beach for 150PHP or 60PHP if you're not in a group. Travel time is 15 – 20 mins. 

Tip:Buy your supplies at the public market since there’s only one available sari-sari store in Burot and goods are quite pricey compared to the regular market price.

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To get to this beautiful place, you need to pay 20PHP/group for the environmental fee at the first entry station. They will give you a garbage bag and a list of beach guidelines since it is still an undeveloped place. Then you will have to pay for another 130PHP/head entrance fee at the second entry point which is the main entry to the beach. Other than that, you could enjoy picture taking, watch glorious sunset, play Frisbee, beach volleyball, swim all you want and any other activities you could think of, for free. And oh! they have chopped woods for sale at the entrance if you want to build a campfire for 300PHP per bundle.

Tip: buy firewood along the way because it's cheaper than what they sell inside the beach. We scored one bundle for only 200 PHP.

Friendly Reminder: They don't have amenities nor any regular employee to watch over and cater everything you need. So please use the garbage bag provided, wisely and leave no waste at the shore. Please be responsible enough and respect our mother nature.

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As I have mentioned above, Burot Beach is an undeveloped beach so don't expect any fancy hotels/inn or even cottages because they have none. (which actually is a two thumbs up for me, if you'd ask) It is a camping site for the adventure-seeking hearts. Well, for your whole family as well if you love excursions. They have tents for rent for 300PHP which is good for 3-4 persons. The locals will even help you pitch your tent. Also, there are no power connection in the area so make sure to bring your flashlights.

Tip: You could save more if your bring your own tent or if the skies are clear, you could just open your mats and sleep beneath the open skies and twinkling stars. (^-^)

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Other than camping, building campfire, watching glorious sunset and sunrise, and swimming, you could also go Island hopping! This was probably the only major thing we did at Burot Beach. For the price of 130PHP/head, we were able to see three destinations on our Island hopping. If you are in a group, you could hire a boat for 650PHP which is actually a lot cheaper if you divide the expenses to your members.

The Island Hopping tour will bring you to the following three spots:
  • Burot Island Sandbar 
  • Starfish Sanctuary / Islet 
  • Corals diving/snorkeling spot
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BUDGET BREAKDOWN (for a group of 3)

200 PHP (Nuvali-Calatagan, vice-versa)
67 PHP
Bring your own
Bring your own
Environmental Fee
20 PHP
Entrance Fee

130 PHP
Tent Rental
300 PHP
100 PHP
Firewood for campfire
200 PHP
67 PHP
Island Hopping Fee

130 PHP
Parking Fee


401 PHP

Well, actually we just spent 301 PHP each because we didn't rent a tent. Instead, we slept in our car.

PS: you could do the same too if you are on a tight budget like us. (^-^)

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  • bring your own tent to lessen expenses. There are available tent for rent at the area but it costs 300php
  • there are no accommodations in Burot. Toilets and shower rooms are available but don’t expect much.
  • bring sunblock since the beach has less shade hence, prolly you'll have terrible sunburn afterwards.
  • bring mosquito repellent lotion.
  • bring snorkeling gear if you want to dive in to the coral viewing area. They don't have snorkels for rent.
  • buy firewood for campfire along the way because it's a lil' pricey if you buy inside the beach.
  • bring your own food. There is a lone store inside but there's not much supplies.
  • buy fresh fruits and vegetables at Calatagan public market beforehand.
  • explore the farther end of the beach and climb few boulders , you'll discover another stretch of beach. These areas has less crowd.
To see our full adventure and photos, head over to our Burot Beach Travelogue

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