Travelogue: Laguna’s Best-kept Falls

Friday, April 29, 2016

It’s our third trip this year and this time we decided to take a trip to Laguna since the last time we explored this province we got lost! A lot of people come to Laguna during weekends because it’s the closest place to score a nature-filled trip away from the Metro. It’s the best place to discover hidden wonders of nature and experience some outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, and whole lot more. We took this chance to rediscover our own backyard since I have been a resident of this beautiful place for quite a few years already and yet I haven’t seen everything that Laguna has to offer.  

Read full travel guide and list of fees here: HULUGAN FALLS TRAVEL GUIDE

Laguna is known for its Pagsanjan falls but did you know that there are countless more falls that are equally or even more beautiful than the infamous Pagsanjan Falls? There are a lot of hidden falls that lies within the verdant Laguna that are now slowly been discovered by mountaineers and local governments to which the public and tourist instantly took interest. One of those newly discovered falls is the Hulugan Falls and we were blessed to visit and see it in person few weeks ago. Hulugan Falls, along with the other two falls namely, Talay Falls and Hidden Falls are absolutely beautiful beyond measure that it couldn’t be kept untold so we are sharing it here today. Ready?
_DSC5035Our drive to Cavinti Laguna went smoothly as there are no major traffic along the way except for few stopovers and some slowdowns. We left Nuvali at around 6 AM and arrived about 2 hours later in Brgy. San Salvador, where the jump-off point is. Upon arrival, we registered at the Brgy. Hall and meet our designated tour guide to which they require when you visit. They have an area where you could park your car so, no worries if you brought a vehicle with you.  But for those who don’t have a vehicle, you may take a tricycle going to the Brgy. Hall. (See full travel budget guide here)

At the registration area, there are available food kiosks and some sari-sari store where you could buy some goods (if you do not have some “baon”) in preparation for the trek. Oh! Don’t forget to try their bibingka in a pandan basket . It’s very delicious!
_DSC5043The start of our trek was fair and pretty easy especially for beginners. The path was little muddy and slippery so I suggest wear an appropriate foot wears. We passed by a river and towering trees which are very pleasant and refreshing to see. The scenes were surreal so be vigilant because you might miss some of it. Take as many photos as you can since the trail is a one way route which means you cannot take the same trail on the way back. Our target destination was Hulugan Falls but you can take a side trip to the other two falls, just tell your guide to lead you there. 
_DSC5047 _DSC5053
TALAY FALLS was the first falls we went to. It wasn’t as high as the Hulugan falls but it has it’s own unique beauty. The rushing waters, rock formations and mini pool was the highlight of this gem. You can take a splash into it and enjoy a dip in this natural Jacuzzi._DSC5054 _DSC5204 _DSC5090HIDDEN FALLS was where the real challenge is! True to it’s name, Hidden falls is literally “hidden”. We had to climb rocks, pass through narrow cliffs, cross mini bamboo bridges and rappel through a rope to get to this beauty. It was very challenging especially that I am carrying a camera but no regrets, especially if you will be rewarded by this view at the end of it. The view was an absolute splendor. The rock formations here were uniquely staggered and are almost similar to the bizarre rock formation at the Giants Causeway Beach in Ireland.
_DSC5099 _DSC5109 _DSC5112
After admiring the two “hidden” falls, we then went off to the main “course” of this trip, the HULUGAN FALLS. We passed through the camping area where you could pitch a tent if you wish to stay overnight. It was merely a 30 minutes’ walk from the hidden falls when we finally had our first sighting of the gigantic falls. The sound of the rushing waters had us all pumped-up despite of the exhaustion from the long walks we took to get there.
_DSC5135 _DSC5140 _DSC5145 _DSC5312
We went closer and viola! We were entirely blown away by the beauty of Hulugan Falls. Like the rain shower, it’s waters shots off from the top and bursts into tiny specs of thin water explosion. Add to that the massive rock and cave-like formations beside it. We we’re in awe! After a few picture-taking, we decided to take a dip in the fresh, cold waters of Hulugan falls. It was very refreshing. It was nothing like it compared to our expensive pools in the metro._DSC5178
_DSC5212 _DSC5248
Talay Falls, Hidden Falls and Hulugan Falls are best-kept gems in Laguna --- a hidden paradise. Laguna is not just about the Pagsanjan falls; there are more to it waiting to be found. True wanderers don’t just settle on the popular destinations and must-see spots alone but it also yearns for places unknown, untouched and less trodden. Challenge yourself and start your journey NOW. You will be surprised of what you will discover next. This is Pao, and I hope you’ll join us again on our next destination.  
_DSC5322 _DSC5327 _DSC5268 _DSC5132

Read full travel guide and list of fees here: HULUGAN FALLS TRAVEL GUIDE

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