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Sunday, May 08, 2016

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Another web find worthy to share are these pendant lights collection from Savelights. As I have mentioned from my previous article, Savelights has a wide array of lighting designs – from modern lights to industrial lights, wall lights to chandeliers, you name it, they have it. Their products are very unique and beautiful. When I saw their pendant lights collection, I instantly thought of my tropical house design. The lighting designs are more on a rustic and antique side which could be an appropriate element for tropical interior spaces. Most of their pendant lights are made of wrought iron and shells painted in different dramatic shades. It can be an instant ceiling highlight to either your kitchen or living area. It adds a bit more of variation and texture to the entire space setting.

To give you an idea of what I am bubbling about, here are some of the lighting pieces that could be incorporated to your tropical houses or any themed space you wanted to beautify.

pendant lights
A large Pendant Light made in wrought iron finish and stained glass shade. This design is perfect accent to a bar counter, a dining or maybe an entryway. 
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Bronzed Wrought Iron Three-light Tiffany Multi Pendant Lights
Three-light multi pendant lights made of wrought iron and colored shells. It is also available in circular ceiling and rectangle ceiling plates. 
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Three-light Tiffany Style Dinning Room Pendant Lighting
Another three-light multi pendant lights again, made of wrought iron and multi colored glass in aztec design. It's random arrangement makes an extra variation and dramatic feel to the interiors space.
(click the photo to see more)

There are a lot more of unique pieces at Savelights official website. You can see more of their products and score one of their items using this 3$ coupon code: Savelights . You may visit them at www.savelights.com . ENJOY! (^-^)

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