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Friday, June 03, 2016


Curtains are more than just mere cloths hanging down from above our window. They are not just mere adornments. They can affect our senses, change our mood, or even brighten our day. Imagine a vibrant feel while sitting in your living room, a quaint look while standing in your bedroom, and a sense of calm while enjoying your food. In designing a space, may it be a bedroom, living room or kitchen, one important ingredient that we should not miss is to choose the right curtains. It can add glow, bring style and beauty into your home. It can add personality, character and bring a different kind of mood to any spaces. It can basically dictate the theme of your space. But did you know that aside from aesthetics, there has more to it. Curtains can be energy saving too! Have you ever heard of insulated curtains a.k.a energy saving curtains? You have come to the right place because I will be discussing on how it works, how it could save energy, and where to get it.
First of, we need to understand what are these energy saving curtains? These are insulated curtains that can help protect your home from the four major types of heat loss (conduction, infiltration, convection and radiation) that occur through and around your windows. In other words, insulated curtains help prevent heat from entering or leaving your home.

During winter time, these types of curtains will help heated inside air from being cooled or escaping outside. While during the summer, it works the other way around: cooled inside air will gain some protection against being heated or escaping outside. Also, insulated curtains helps dampen outside noise and can be made to almost completely prevent light from entering your room, which can increase your comfort, especially while sleeping at night.  Not only that, it can also be a huge factor in lowering your energy consumption.

Now that we understood how it works, where can we get or shop one? I highly recommend www.ogotobuy.com . Its an online shop that specializes on all types of curtains and you can score one of the best energy saving curtains from them. They have wide selection of colors, designs and sizes you want. Basically, the choices are endless so why not pay them and visit and grab one of their energy efficient curtains!

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