How to Budget a “Budget”

Friday, July 01, 2016

You are on a budget, but still had to budget your budget? It sounds like a tongue twister but, isn’t it a reality check statement? The fact that we aim to get an as much as possible #travelgoals experience and score dream gizmos, budget is and will always be a top concern. When you want to get good stuffs, you also need to pay more they say. I totally disagree. There are many wise ways to chop down a budget like for example, planning and booking ahead of time, or traveling on off-seasons period, but have you ever heard of getting back a portion of your budget after spending it? Oh yes!! Believe it or not, that’s a fact and we’re going to let the cat out of the bag, right here, right now.


Love to travel but you always worry not having enough money? Shop Back might just save the day. Shop Back is an online site that utilizes cash-back reward system. It means that every time you purchase or book through their website, you get a portion of your money back. Amazing, isn't it? You are being paid for shopping online. Fantastic! You may also avail of discounts and voucher codes. At present, it is affiliated with at least 300 stores worldwide. What are you waiting for? Check them out and see what's in it for you. 

Travel woes? Book your next destination through Travel Book and get a 4% cash-back. Travel book offers wide range of exciting discount if you book your next hotel with them. There are a lot of options you can choose from that are well within your budget. It provides discounted rates which are lower than the published rates. You can pay via credit card or through bank deposits. Travel book makes it easy and convenient for you. You don't only get a discount, but also a 4% cash-back. What? This is superb! 

shopback shopping

Alternatively, you may enjoy 400 pesos cash-back when you book with Agoda. Whether you need a room right away, tonight, or for your next holiday, Agoda offers big discounts and thus, allows you to save a lot of money plus hassle-free booking because you can book now and pay later. Agoda makes it easier and convenient for you to plan your next trip and make that dream vacation happen. 

Still anxious about traveling due to tight budget? Worry not! Start planning your next travel destination with Shop Back and book your next hotel either through Travel Book or Agoda. Big discounts and 4% or 400 cashback are waiting for you. Discounts plus cashback equals big, big savings! Yahoo! Definitely your money's worth.

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