Travelogue : Republic Wake Park

Thursday, August 11, 2016

It’s the rainy season again,the weather during these times are quite relaxing. Although the mundane sound of the rain, cold breeze and the scent of the soggy vegetation can quiet get boring. This weather most of the time makes us feel like staying at home on weekend. There's not much to do other than staring at the dingy skies while hoping for the rain to stop. Finding something to do during wet seasons can get frustrating at times. Luckily for us here in Nuvali there's still something to do during the rainy days. One of those is wake-boarding at the Republic Wake Park just blocks away from our subdivision. It's Shine and I 's first time to try it and we are already loving it. Here's our wake-boarding date that day.


Republic Wake Park was established here in Nuvali a few years ago to provide a unique sports and experience, not only for the residence of Nuvali but for the benefit of tourists and sports enthusiast as well. Wake boarding, as they call it, is originally a water sport where in you jump in to a board pulled by means of a speed boat  and glide across the water. Since Nuvali was a sugar cane plantation before, what they did is create an artificial lake and instead of a speed boat, they installed a motorized cable that rounds the lake.

_DSC5536 _DSC5430

Shine and I where intrigued by this wake boarding sport  when we saw it in action before. It looks like an easy stuff hence we decided to have it a try. Little did we know, it was one bad-ass sport that takes a lot of patience and balancing. What did we get into?? *sigh

_DSC5513 _DSC5505
_DSC5458 _DSC5462 _DSC5488

 So here's us trying to look like a pro, before the water planking and wake-board tumbling. HAHAHA  We were scheduled in the afternoon so we took tons of photos while waiting for our time. 

_DSC5490 _DSC5521

After lunch, we fall in line at the station right away since there are also a lot of tourists that day. Since it's our first time to try it, we registered for the beginners class. At this stage, beginners are only allowed to tryout at a smaller lake that has only one cable that goes from one end and then back, unlike at the intermediate lake where the cable circles around the lake. This is where pros are usually wake-boarding. 

_DSC5532 _DSC5430
My first try was a disaster, I pulled on the cable too hard to which it inevitably flipped. haha. But shine's first try wasn't as bad as mine.She managed to make it to at least 3/4 of the lake. She already got the technique to stay afloat and almost ended up on the other side of the pool.

It was one exciting day for both of us. Despite the water planking and crazy stuff we tried, we still enjoyed every bit of it. I  recommend you guys to have it a try. For more info regarding Republic wake park just click here.

Hope you enjoyed reading, hope to see you on the next travelogue!


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