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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

stylewe pastel dress collection

 How do girls express their obsession over a color? By wearing and flaunting it of course! Initially, whenever we go shopping, one of the top criteria in choosing has to be the item color. I mean, color says a lot about your personality. It represents who you are. People around us tend to classify us whether we have a strong, or sweet personality by the color or type of clothes we wear. It's like a character introductory of ourselves to others even without an actual interaction with them. What you wear is who you are. As for me, I don't have a strong personality. I am always timid and usually don't speak a lot. Honestly, I could express myself more through writing rather than speaking. My personality leans towards the sweet side I think, which is maybe why I am infatuated with light colors specifically pastels.

Pastel is an obsession --- well, at least for me. I have no idea why but these type of shades always gets me hooked and wanting to own it even if I don't really need it. I know too that there are so many girls out there who are also going gaga about it. So, If we do share the same color interest, then this article is especially for you. One of my favorite online shop lately is Stylwe and I am literally lusting over the amount of pastel-shaded dresses they have. Here are some of my favorites:

Pink A-line Organza Sweet Stand Collar Mini Dress

dainty princess pink butterfly dress stylewe 

Pink Casual Fringed Crew Neck Letter Midi Dress

baby pastel pink stylewe casual dress 

Pink Pierced Lace A-line Sweet Mini Dress

lace pink pastel collar dress stylewe 
There you have it, the top three on my pastel obsession list. Stylewe has a lot more to offer. Other than casual dresses, they too have outerwear, skirts, swimwear, pants, handbags and even sweet prom dresses! I personally admire how their collections are carefully designed by their fashion designers. Yes! Stylewe is not your typical online shop. They have an actual bunch of very talented professionals behind those gorgeous designs. Rest assured that they only provide the best for their clients. You may check their official blog site for more deets about their services and products. Just head over to: http://stylewe.reviews/

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