Taking the #PerfectOOTD with OPPO F1s

Sunday, September 04, 2016

seventhbliss wears pink pastel ootd

Taking an OOTD is an easy job if you'd ask the rest of the world but for those who's making a living out of it, like for example bloggers and/or instagram models/advertisers, it's not as easy as you think. Every photo shared on social media isn't just posted there for no reason. Those are carefully curated photos that has undergone too many takes, sweat, and a whole lot of pak ganerns. When bloggers posts an OOTD, know that they are doing it not because they are too full of themselves, but instead it is because they are paid to do it or shall we say, it is their job to market what they wear. But hey! who said OOTDs are for bloggers alone? You too can step-up your OOTD game and you'll never know, you'll end up turning yourself into an instagram star too or better yet, a style blogger! So, to help you get started, here's my personal guide for that #PerfectOOTD :

1. Choose the #PerfectOOTD camera.
Being a style and travel blogger at the same time, I usually struggle on taking blog-worthy photos especially if I'm on a light/backpacking trip. Carrying a bulky and heavy DSLR is such a hassle so I prefer bringing a smaller camera with me on this kind of trips. Although sometimes, when unplanned trips happens, I usually fret and tend to forget my camera. And that's when I turn to my last resort which is the most convenient one---my mobile phone. Though mobile phones can either be a hero or a disaster especially in taking that #PerfectOOTD which is why choosing the "perfect" OOTD phone camera should always be put into consideration. Good thing there's the new OPPO F1s that exhibits an impressive 13MP rear camera that allows you to take exceptionally clear and detailed photos even at night time. I guess this is the best mobile camera out there to achieve that picture-perfect OOTD.

oppo f1s

2. Find your angle and pose like a pro. (u-maura ka lang, go!)
Now that you have the right gadget to use, it is now time to pose. Be confident and channel your inner Tyra Banks. Never mind the judging eyes around you, posing is not a crime so.... u-maura ka lang, go! As long as what you do doesn't hurt anybody, just be yourself and do your thing. Be confidently beautiful with a heart. (^-^) char.

seventhbliss wears pink pastel ootd

3. Your Backdrop has a big role
On choosing where to take an ootd, depends on your preference and creativity. You can either choose a place that matches what you wear or maybe a place that would make what you wear pop or standout. Or you may refer to these 5 Places to Achieve a Magazine Worthy OOTD   .

seventhbliss wears a pink pastel ootd

4. Market what you wear. Be creative.
The sole reason why we take OOTDS is because we wanted to market what we wear (or maybe brag about it? ). As much as possible show all sides of the product or better an up-close photo of what you wear. Some does it in a flat-lay. You may do so as you like. Be creative on how you deliver or market the products you wear to your followers or readers.

seventhbliss wears pink pastel ootd
seventhbliss wears pink pastel ootd

5. Curate the best photos to post
For the final touches, make sure to choose the best photo, add a little filter to make it appear more dramatic or creative and it's a go. Post it and share it to the world wide web.  (^-^)

seventhbliss wears pink pastel ootd
seventhbliss wears pink pastel ootd

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