Let Life Unfold Before My Eyes

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Its been a long time since I published a personal post here in my blog, so I thought of making one today. I am on a one month leave from my work, not for vacation, but for medication. Yup, sad but I'd rather take it as a life breather. I never really had a vacation or me time since my graduation last year. Most of my classmates enjoyed couple of months vacation for some "post-college" celebration. But my story was different. When I was about to graduate last year, I already had plans ahead. I felt like I am already "living" late for my age. You see I had 3 universities during my college days and my original batchmates are already having their jobs, babies, and own family while I was stuck in college. There came a time that I was just too tired to study anymore and just wanted to get a job and make ends. I am not enjoying college anymore but still I had to move forward. So I took the rest of my college days with an everyday struggle to finish and get things done at school. When it was finally our last term at school, I had a lot of plans in my head. I became ecstatic thinking that everything will be a brand new world for me. I've got to get a job, I need to take the licensure exam right away, I want to go abroad, I want to travel, I want to buy this or that stuff, I need  to start my business, I need to own this and that. The list was endless and that gave more excitement of whats to come ahead. So, as excited as I am, 4 months before our graduation, I enrolled in a Architecture review center but later on dropped it since the exam requires a 2 year job experience. Also, my school papers and requests are yet to be claimed after the graduation. That would be such a long period of time and I might not be able to submit my requirements for the Architecture Licensure Exam on time. So I thought, maybe it's not my time to get that license yet. So I moved on to my next goal: GET A JOB. And I got one! 3 months before my graduation. I was already working and doing stuffs that it feels like my graduation day isn't a big deal anymore. During our graduation, my classmate were posting photos of them in togas and changing their profile photos while I didn't even bother to change mine. 

Fast forward to now, I kind of regret for forfeiting to savor and celebrate the end of the first chapter of my book. I jumped right away to the next chapter without taking a break. Right now, I thought to myself, "I should have at least went to the beach or sleep rot in my bed for a month or watch series for weeks before getting a job". I should have rested and savor my jobless moment as a gift for myself for finishing college but nope, I get ahead of myself. Now here I am in my bed, alone and sick. I was granted a 1 month leave which I could have spend on a nice getaway or out of the country tour but NOPE. Its a one month leave because I am sick. But don't get me wrong, its not like I am hating it, I am actually enjoying it. I was able to spend time with my family, play with my nephews, scan some old photos when we were young, sleep without an alarm, and most especially have some self-reflection time. I came to realize my wrong doings, my blessings and learned how to be patient. I promise myself not to get things ahead of me and just let God take control of the life He designed for me. I have to slow down and appreciate things while I can. I would like to believe that the Father sometimes gives us problems and/or sickness to slow us down a bit for us to take time to think and just let His WILL to unfold before our eyes. And that is where I am holding on to right now. :)

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