Webstyle: Modern Kimono

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


If I would go to Hogwarts, this is probably what I would wear as a robe! A modern-day wizard --- I mean, why not? When I first saw this piece at Stylewe , it took my attention right away. At a glance I thought it was a robe but it isn't. It's a modern kimono! Which means it is lighter and easier to wear compared to a cloak robe. The length and cut are just perfect. I love how it covers your arms and legs. It would be a perfect daily get-up for a breezy autumn season. Also, I love how the embroideries are very subtle and easy on the eye. Its not over-powering and chaotic.

You probably have saw my posts about Stylewe and how much I admire the quality and clothing designs they have in their shop. Right now, they have won me over again. I am totally lusting over their varied  and extremely chic collections. 


Kimonos are very traditional piece of work and I never thought kimonos could be worn as casual as this. There are lengthy, mid-length, floral, laced and even boho styled kimonos at Stylewe. I especially the ones with fringe! There are a lot more styles and designs that this amazing online shop has to offer. If this is your style as well, see for yourself.


Other than modern kimonos, I am also lusting over their gallery of black friday dresses. The pieces are so chic and elegant. I love the simplicity of the designs and how the cuts are very neat to look at. It is all about sophistication and elegance. 

Stylewe is definitely a place to go for your fashion needs or maybe if you want to discover new trends and style. For more clothing collections, you may visit their official website or facebook page listed below. Enjoy!

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