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Thursday, November 17, 2016


Nowadays, modern brides are getting into a more simple wedding dresses unlike before that everything are so elaborate and full of details. Modern brides now gets into the "less is more" approach when it comes to weddings, which I personally couldn't complain. Its more of sophistication rather than fancy. Simple wedding dresses are very easy on the eye and actually very charming. These days, we seldom see those cake-shaped gowns because really, that's so ancient. We are now in the fashion era where curves and skin are being flaunted rather than wearing an overly decorated and ultra elaborated wedding dress that makes you look like a giant ball of walking wedding cake. Everything now are less detailed but ultimately flattering. Even the long trails too are sometimes excluded nowadays.

If you are a modern bride and on the hunt for these kind of wedding dresses, lucky you, I know exactly where you can score one. There's an online shop called ModaBridal that has an amazing gallery of simple wedding dresses. Take for example this very simple yet super chic midi wedding dress from their collection. It's very modern and ultimately sophisticated.


What I love about ModaBridal is the amount of wedding dress designs you can choose from. They have long gowns, medium length, and even mermaid cuts like this sophisticated off-shouldered wedding dress. The curves and cuts are very flattering which gives the bride an ultra sexy look. The details too are just right and is not over-powering.


There are a lot more of beautiful designs that are to be found only at ModaBridal. The selection are actually endless as they too have other designs like vintage wedding dresses, beach wedding dresses, and elegant wedding dresses if you wanted a more elaborate kind of wedding garments. If you are a bride-to-be , head over now to their official website and get that dream wedding dress for your special day. Happy shopping!

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