Things to-do in Burot Beach, Calatagan

Monday, December 05, 2016

As you may have known, most of the white beaches in the Philippines are to be found in the southern part of the country like the Visayas and Mindanao. It is very rare to find some fine sand and white beaches here in Luzon except I think somewhere in the Quezon area. But did you know that there are also a few that is just near the Metro? One of the most accessible white beach in Luzon is Burot Beach. It is one of the top most unspoiled beaches in Luzon, located in Calatagan Batangas. Although some may find it not that worthy to visit because of it's constantly shallow waters, lack of toilets and other amenities, there are still tons of activities you could enjoy at this piece of paradise. Here are some things you can do at Burot Beach that would prolly encourage you to visit and somehow change the perspective of other people about this place.


Grab a picnic basket, spread a mat and enjoy the most incredible view of the endless horizon. Burot Beach is one of the best place that has the most ideal spot for picnics.
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Find a spot, pitch a tent and viola---camping by the beach! Nowadays most of the beaches are flocked with resorts and all sorts of developments, so finding an untouched beach where you can still pitch a tent is a very rare opportunity and a real score. For those who loves outdoor camping, rejoice because this place is definitely for you.


Outdoor-adventure babies are gonna love this because in Burot Beach, you cannot only enjoy the sand on your toes but also a nice chat with your friends under the moonlight and in front of a bonfire.
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At night time, since electricity is not available, it is nice to gather around a bonfire and grill some corn and mallows!
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Sunset--the best time of the day. Watch how the sky magically changes from blue, purple, pink and orange.
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Rise up early and start your day with a dreamy and velvety skies.
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Once the night grew deeper, spread a may, lay down and enjoy the sparkly skies. As I mentioned, there is no electricity in Burot Beach, hence it is the best spot for star gazing.
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During daytime, rent a boat to tour you around the island. This will bring you across the turquoise waters and into a sandbar where the waters are much deeper compared to the shores of Burot.
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The waters along the shores of Burot are not really ideal for swimming since the waters are constantly shallow but at the sandbar area is a different story. There you can swim all you want with the clearest water and sparkling semi-white sand.
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The island hopping tour includes a stop at the spot where there are corals and colorful fishes. Although they don't provide snorkeling gears nor rental services so better bring at least a goggle if you plan to visit. You will enjoy it most if you have proper gears with you.
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And lastly, still on the island hopping tour, it will bring you to a spot where there are tons of star fishes where in you can touch and see them up close. But please don't take them out of the waters and bring them home as souvenirs.
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