Saturday, November 25, 2017

Haler Baler! We screamed after 10 hours of traffic from Edsa to Aurora, Quezon. This past Labour Day weekend our family decided to go somewhere, it was a pretty late decision since we only have a day to look where to go. And we decided to go a bit farther this time since we already explored most of batangas and zambales, and baler was the perfect destination for us, as well as the whole of manila. We went on a road trip to baler, normally it would only take 6 to 8 hours of drive from laguna to aurora, quezon, but because of the holiday everybody went on vacation and so traffic is understandable. So if you’re planning to go on a road trip on a long week end leave at night around 10 pm before the start of the holiday.

Because of its distance, we would like to maximize our time in Quezon so we went on all the places we could go for a day and I’m here to tell you where you should go in Aurora, Quezon if you’re planning to visit.

1. Sabang beach

Of course if you say baler the first thing to come to your head is the waves, the beach and the sun. Baler is one of the most popular destinations for surfers. It offers plenty of waves and lots of space for everyone in its beach. Hotels and transient houses of found along the beach so look for the best fit for your budget but not sacrificing quality.


Surfing is the most popular activity on the beach with many surfers/coaches will approach you for surfing lessons just for 300 pesos per hour or if you already knew the basics just rent a board just for 200 per hour. Aside from surfing some hotels offers scuba diving, snorkelling, Jet Ski, and parasailing, just approach your concierge or just walk along the beach and someone will approach you and offer you this activities.

_DSC1227 _DSC1449

2. Dicasalarin Cove

Dicasalarin Cove Is A private piece of land located in a secluded area of Aurora. The trip to the cove can be quiet nerve racking because of the steep and narrow road, but the trip will be worth it once you reach the beach which is haven for backpackers and campers. It is away from the busy sabang beach and not much tourist are going here since the only thing you can do here is sit on the beach and relax, there are no surf boards to be found since no waves reach the cove. So if you’re looking for the perfect place to relax Discalarin cove is your sanctuary.
If you’re going to dicasalarin cove however you might want to stop over on some instagram worthy scenes, like this giant rock formation in front of Della Torre Beach house.
Not far from Della Torre beach house is the lighthouse of baler Aurora. A pretty steep climb for about 20 mins but the view on the top is definitely worth it.

_DSC1624 _DSC1663 _DSC1681

3.Museo De Baler

Aurora,Quezon is named after the previous first lady and wife of Our former president Manuel L. Quezon. The province are very proud of them and want to share their story as well as their rich history and so they established Museo de baler. The musem is not that big but it is worthy to stop by an hour is enough to see everything inside. I recommend visiting the place on your way back home.

_DSC1577 _DSC1568

4.Balete Tree

Another stop over on your way home is the balete tree in the town of Maria Aurora. The tree is also known as the “millennium tree” because of its age standing for as long as 600 years the tree is said to be the largest balete in Asia. Just roughly 30 mins away from museo de baler and you will pass by it on your way home its worth checking out there’s also a souvenir shop beside and do your local goods shopping there. 

_DSC1705 _DSC1708 _DSC1710

Baler will be one of our most memorable trip, not only because of the beautiful views and it's laid back atmosphere, bot mostly because of the bond that our growing family has made. I hope you enjoyed our tour for today, see you on the next!

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