About Us



An Architecture graduate who's passionate about travel and style. She is an Architect's apprentice at daytime and a full time travel + style blogger at nighttime. She is mostly responsible in writing articles for 7thbliss and a creative director for styling and blog layouts.

Equipped with vivid dreams, a saturated heart and rainbow-colored life, Shiny Bliss is dedicated to see the world, one stylish and blissful journey at a time.


An Accounting student and an ardent crackerjack in photography. He is a co-founder, contributor and the official photographer for 7thbliss. He exhibits his works in a unique storytelling through his creative talent behind the camera.

Inspired by art, nature and constant search for greatness, Pao Salandanan is in a mission to convey the unseen beauty of the Philippines and the world, one sui generis image at a time.


7thbliss is a travel and style blog that records Pao and Shine's adventures, discoveries, inspiration and journey around the world. It's all about uncovering the unseen nooks of the world and capturing unique moments that will also inspire others to start their own life's quest. It is a threshold to Pao & Shine's life's bliss.

7thbliss was derived from Shine's name "Bliss" and our lucky number "7" not only as a team but also as an individual. We believe that we always receive blessings and achievements inexplicably related to our lucky number thus, the name. "Bliss" because it was Shine, who initiated this blog. It also depicts how we wanted to achieve our dreams with pure bliss.